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Spring/Summer 2019 jewelry and accessories trends – maximalism style returns in a big way.

Anna Sui necklace

If the runways this year taught us anything, it’s that jewelry is coming back big – like huge! Maximalism style is returning from oversized statement necklaces to larger-than-life earrings. Here are the Spring and Summer 2019 jewelry and accessories trends to look for.

Check out the latest fashions in the galleries below. Click and image to open the gallery.

Earrings – statement earrings are back in a big way

They frame the face wonderfully and there’s no sign of statement earrings fading away. 2019 options include everything from beaded strands to cloth crotchet, metals, and everything in between.


Earrings – hoops to die for

Hoops are hanging around another year but as seen with other jewelry pieces, will grow much larger in 2019.

Earrings – bright resins light things up

Resins were just kicking off in 2018 and look to keep the 80’s look going in 2019. Resins in bold primaries and neon colors look like a sure bet.

Earrings – forget gold, silver is king this year

Gold has been in for quite some time but the Rose Gold phase seems to be fading. In its place – glorious shining silver!

Earrings – all over the place

Several designers have featured all-over, full-ear earrings for their 2019 Spring/Summer lineups

Bracelets – the bolder the better

They’re sticking around for another year – bold, standout bracelets. Make sure those arms are in shape!

Necklaces – the return of large chokers

Chokers are back but this time in lieu of leather straps, bolder styles with intricate decorative elements are coming in strong.

Necklaces – wonderful, sparkling charms and medallions

Eye-catching charms and medallions are showing up on necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belts, and even shoes.

Necklaces – shells, beads, and other eye-catching pendants

Size isn’t everything in statement pieces as seen on the runway – large pieces decorated with swarms delicate beads, shells, and pendants were a stunning sight. One of our favorites for Spring/Summer 2019!

Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings – chains

Chains showed up everywhere on the Spring/Summer 2019 runway – on bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and belts – and link size is key this year. Go big or go home!

Other accessories

Jewelry is going to be joined with a plethora of other interesting accessories in 2019.


Hats, as seen with jewelry pieces, are coming back in maximalism style.


Yes, scarves are still in.


Could it be? Gloves making a stylish comeback?

Rings and fingernail accessories

Rings and fingernail accessories are going big too.


Sunglasses are a staple so of course they’ll remain big in 2019. Looking for interesting, off-beat frames and tinted varieties.

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