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Here are five ways to save money on Ivy and Pearl Boutique products (and get free stuff)

Save money at Ivy and Pearl Online Boutique

Our primary goal at Ivy and Pearl Boutique is to offer you trendy, fashionable products at affordable prices. But who doesn’t like to save even more money? Here are five ways you can save money at Ivy and Pearl Boutique.

Free shipping on orders over $100

We hate shipping costs as much as you do but they’re a necessity that can’t be avoided. We can however, offer you free shipping on orders over $100, excluding really heavy items, like gifts.

Sign up for our newsletter

Sign up for our newsletter and become an Ivy and Pearl Boutique insider. You’ll be the first to receive notifications of the latest fashion news, trendy new product offerings, insider-only sales, and more. Plus, you’ll get a coupon for 15% off your first order.

Follow us to be the first to know about sales

For communications more frequently than our newsletter, we use social networks – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+. We often “leak” news of upcoming sales on Twitter but Facebook and Instagram are where we officially announce sales first. Follow us on Facebook and be guaranteed you’ll be the first to get access to sales items before they’re gone.

Join our private Facebook group

Our most loyal customers join our private Facebook group (after following us on Facebook) where we conduct real-time, live online sales events, flash sales, and more. We also notify private Facebook group members about sales in advance so they can queue up for the event and ensure access to new products before they sell out.

Share the love

Share, tag, or forward our social networking posts and win coupons, additional entries in contests, free gifts, and much more. Share a product or article from our website  using the hashtag #IvyAndPearlBoutique, then shoot us an email or DM letting us know.

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